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Reading Rooms, 1995

New York, NY
Reading Rooms: Home Page
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Reading Rooms: Navigation Page
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Reading Rooms: House of Hot Rod
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Reading Rooms: House of Unity
Public Library location No. 3
Reading Rooms: House of Meat
Printed Matter location No. 4
Reading Rooms: Smile Face
Post Office location No. 5

Reading Rooms was an actual and online multi-sited project that included nine physical locations in lower Manhattan that included a variety of publicly accessible spaces. Hosted and developed with ArtNetWeb, the project was also accessible online.

Lauren Wittels Gallery
Thomas Nordanstad Gallery
Lombard Freid Gallery
NYC Public Library (Hudson Park Branch)
Printed Matter bookstore
NYC Post Office (Canal Street Branch)
Barnes and Noble (6th Ave. 22nd Street)
Cyber Café in Soho
Biblio’s Bookstore and Café in Tribeca