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Special K Exhibitions, 1996

Prop: Mothermall, 1996
styrene, wood, PA speakers, CD player, easy listening CD’s, hardware
22′ diameter x 37″
Installation view
You Are Here, 1996
36” x 30” x 5”
Duratran lightbox
Installation view
Fulfillment, 1996
15″ x 15″ each
painted and welded steel, sheet metal, rivets, vinyl signage.
Installation view 
Fulfillment, 1996
40″ x 60″
Photostat mounted and framed
Mothermall Plan
pencil on colored paper
41” x 35” framed
House of Hot Rod, 1995
welded and painted steel, vinyl signage, aluminum, rivets
36” x 39” x 36”

Special K Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA