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Interface, 2022

Powder coated steel, printed aluminum signs, AI generated face, stock photos, headshot, misc. hardware
18” x 48” each, arrangement variable

Interface is comprised of two sign stands connected with a steel chain. Each stand is four feet tall and a foot and a half wide with two sides, each with an image and text. The four images in total include an AI generated face, a stock photo of a face, a headshot of Jennifer Aniston, and a stock photo of a kitten with foliage. The four short phrases in white type are alternating on blue and red backgrounds that reference bank marketing, promoting, and the selling of debt. The stands are made of powder coated steel and the signs are printed on aluminum. The diverse array and types of faces perform as actors, and the entire work functions as a theater object implicating the viewer. The arrangement of the two sign-stands references the structural aspects of consumerist spaces and stages a situation that can be varied either in-line, parallel, or perpendicular to each other with the chain connecting them. The chain connects and networks the two signs physically marking space as it drapes down creating a partition. 

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