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911, 1994

911, 1995
15″ x 15 x 15″
painted and welded steel, sheet metal, rivets, vinyl signage.

Lauren Wittels Gallery
New York

Reading Rooms was a multi-sited project during September through October. This included a series of sculpture-signage installations at ten public locations in lower Manhattan. Textual material was gathered from sources such as TV guides, product and food advertisements, song lyrics, religious pamphlets, letters to gender specific magazines, and other sources. A total of ten commercial, civic, retail, and government locations in NYC participated as locations for the sites of Reading Rooms. An accompanying website supplemented the physical locations. The locations included Lauren Wittels Gallery, Thomas Nordanstaad Gallery, Lombard Freid Gallery, The NYC Public Library-Hudson Park, Printed Matter, Artnetweb office, The NYC Post Office-Canal St., Barnes and Nobles Bookstore-6th Ave, The Cyber Café, and Biblios Bookstore.