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Soundtrack for Two One of a Kind

Audio CD. Edition of 100

“Two One of a Kind” is based on a cassette tape recording of the author Umberto Eco lecturing at Stanford University in 1987 on “Fakes and Originals”. For this project the cassette tape was digitized and emitted in full length as an mp3. On side A, a sample of drumming was added and looped for the duration; on side B a guitar sample was added and looped. As an mp3, the recording is heard continuously as there are no sides. The shift from drums to guitar, signify the change in sides of the cassette, but the lecture continues uninterrupted, creating the idea of music or a song.


DSE Noise Actions from 2009 – 2015

Cassette Tape
Edition includes, cassette, poster, zine, and sticker
Edition of 30.
DBY Records, Czech Republic


DSE Noise Action

Audio CD.
Edition of 100.
Live recording of performance for Earmeal, LA. CA.


Models of Disorder

Edition of 100.

This CD was produced on the occasion of the exhibition “Models of Disorder” at Diane Rosenstein Gallery, January 31, 2014 – March 14.

Available on Bandcamp.



Edition of 50 signed and numbered, artist proof edition of 6
Die cut and hand assembled foil embossed box, 12 audio CDs, poster, insert, sticker
5” x 5” x 2.25”

DSENOISE is a signed edition boxed set that includes 12 CDs, poster, insert, sticker, and packaged in a die cut hand-assembled box, designed in collaboration with Shiffman&Kohnke in Los Angeles. The 64 tracks total add up to 10 hours of electronic noise Schafer created live in his studio and at NY and LA venues.

Also available at Studio 10, Printed Matter, Amoeba LA, and Samuel Freeman.

Photo credit: Julie Klima


Compilation CD

The DSE Compilation is a selection of tracks from the DSE noise project November 2011 – October 2012.
Available on Bandcamp.



Motorcade is a series of tracks recorded live in DSE studio, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY from 2011.
Available on Bandcamp.



Dagon is a live studio recording of the noise collaboration between DSE and Witches of Malibu. This cassette contains the extended track Constrictor and the track Naga. Produced by Green Records and Tapes, Ypsilanti, MI in a numbered edition of 30. July 2013. Mastered at Catasonic, LA. Photo Credit Kristina King.


Face Cutter

Face Cutter is a compilation cassette featuring 13 tracks from the DSE Noisebox project of studio recordings and live performances. Green Records and Tapes, Ypsilanti, MI has produced it in a numbered edition of 30 and features original designs by David Schafer. Mastered at Catasonic, LA. Photo Credit Kristina King.


Neg-Fi / DSE 7″ Split, 2013

Ep Limited edition WHITE VINYL 7″ vinyl pressed by Cravedog in Portland, OR


Monthly Releases from DSE/David Schafer, 2011-13

A limited edition 12 Month CD series of DSE/David Schafer’s studio-based noise improvisations and live performances recorded from November 2011 to October 2012.


MDSE at Lumenhouse, 2011

Audio CD / live recording of performance at Lumehouse“MDSE at Lumenhouse” is comprised of a live recording from Lumehouse, Brooklyn, NY, along with three tracks from DSE studio.TRACK LISTING
1. Report Number One
2. Report Number Two
3. Report Number Three
4. Report Number Four


{SØNiK} Fest 2.0, 2011

Audio CD / live recording of performance at BronxArtSpace{SØNiK} Fest 2.0″ was recorded at {SØNiK} Fest 2.0 at BronxArtSpace, with performances by Schafer and MDSE.TRACK LISTING
1. Jackhammer
2. Triadic Irruption


Sad Pavilion, 2011

Audio CD / live recording of performance at Mildred’s Lane“Sad Pavilion” (2011) was recorded live at Mildred’s Lane artist residency in Scranton PA.TRACK LISTING
1. Triphthong Variant
2. Cognitive Affixation
3. Semantic Seizure
4. Jackhammer (excerpt)
5. What Should A Museum Sound Like? (excerpt)
6. Emergentist Frequencies
7. Phonemic Aphasia


What Should A Museum Sound Like?, 2010

Audio CD / live recording of performance at Whitney Museum“What Should a Museum Sound Like?” is a site-specific work that involves a text written in 1963 by Marcel Breuer, the architect for the Whitney Museum.


In The Year 2525 Remix, 2008

Audio CD / 03:45 minutes (repeated)For this project, I subjected the lyrics of “In the Year 2525” to Dada poet Tristan Tzara’s recipe for poetry and then remixed the actual song based on that random act of selecting.


x10R.1 & 2, 2002

Double-CD / Transparency Label
Disk One: Times Ten Resequenced with Two Second Gap
Disk Two: Times Ten Resequenced with Variable Gap
Edition of 1000

Ten easy listening records resequenced according to the theories of the Muzak Corporation and then superimposed.