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DSE Noise Actions 2009-2015
DBY Records, Czech Republic. Ed. 30

DSE Noise 2009-2015 chronicles 18 live performances in LA and NY, and includes quotes from various authors on the subject of noise. Release by DBY records, Czech Republic.

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Separated United Forms, 2011
Book, Published by CHARTA Art Books

The book, published and distributed by Charta Art Books and designed by artist Mitchell Kane,
chronicles the concept and fabrication process of creating the commissioned sculpture
“Separated United Forms”
. Numerous pictures and technical captions are included throughout
the pages, from scanning the Henry Moore sculpture to its digital form, models, and the final
placement and installation of the bronze forms. Also included is an essay by David Schafer and critic Jan Tumlir.


Site of Sound #2: Of Architecture and the Ear, 2011
Book, Errant Bodies

Site of Sound #2 aims to address contemporary work being done in the cross-over between sound and architecture.
The anthology brings together new research and writing that charts out the theoretical implications and
consequences for artistic and spatial discourses, while documenting contemporary projects that come to occupy and
define a sonic-spatial territory.