“Framework 1”

Mdf, glue, screws, putty
12” x 15” x 12”

The Frameworks are a series of small wood sculptures that are based on earlier drawings of imagined or improvised spaces. These depictions of space became about something larger that permeates our culture, of the infrastructures, the organized spaces that we occupy and hold. Institutional frameworks especially, both physically and ideologically, are mechanisms of control of our behavior and our socialization. These Frameworks were re-proportioned based on the Golden Section. This theory of aesthetic ratios interested me as a way to reference the seemingly transcendental aspect of aesthetics, proportion, beauty, and the related ratios that the Golden Section represent. If these Frameworks evoke built space that one could occupy such as homes, schools, hospitals, offices, prisons, then a grouping of them may suggest a city. Another consideration with Frameworks is the concept of the uncanny, including domesticity and the residue of family history and nostalgia. These open structures are rooms, objects, and containers, where the viewers provide the content. They may suggest an intimate shelter, or a first dwelling. There is a lack of orientation in these open structures, and in some cases, elements are doubled. These formal structures are empty with no fixed contents but express the nature of an architectural semiology, windows, screens, doors, and the play of forms. The grid is known as a mechanism for the mapping of space, a machine for living and is a product of late capitalist technology, a dystopic controlling reality, or a utopia full of promise. These constructed spaces are blurred between the physical and the mental, memory theaters and the hollow spaces of capitalism. I am interested in the confusion of rooms, where each is a passage to the next, a network of relations.