“The Stranger That is Next to Me: A Collaboration between Brandon LaBelle and Echoes”

A two part audio project for Lisbon and Berlin.

PART 1: Radio Broadcast

“Noise Action for Radio,” 10:00 duration, edited for radio program on stress.fm and 88.3 FM (Campo de Santa Clara) Lisbon, Portugal, March 2014, 7 – 9pm

Included with a collection of audio works from practitioners around the world concerned with and focused on The Stranger. Click here for full list of contributing artists.

PART 2: Audio Diffusion

“Noise Action for Radio,” 10:00 duration, Errant Bodies, Berlin, June 14th, 6 – 11pm. Amplified playback.

Image from stress.fm.


An audio excerpt of Noise Action for Radio.