Printed Matter, NYC, 2014
David Schafer
Marcia Bassett
Mathew Regula

Poster: ed 100 offset litho. 11 x 17

Launch event for DSENOISE box edition.

The title NOISECONOMY is a paradoxical term that, in referencing Jacques Attali’s book,
“Noise, the Political Economy of Music”, and the categories that he established in his theories of
music, also suggests another form of play. Not only an embedded reference to spectacle,
sacrifice, and the simulacrum, but also to other unexplored categories of the genre of noise
itself. Schafer, exploring subjectivity in the act of improvisation, is interested in the idea
that one can only improvise for an ‘other’, as one cannot be present for oneself. These
recordings provide the listener with 10 hours of noise that was generated over the course of one
year. It can be understood as a continuous work, that is compressed into 10 hours. The tracks
were recorded ‘live’ in one take, and mastered for sound equalization. Schafer equates this act
of improvisation to the gesture of drawing and the sensation of mark making and continual
movement. This suggests the possibility of ‘drawing’ as a preliminary of something to come, a
future plan, and implicates the idea of sculpture and space itself. The sound fills the space by
emptying it. To listen to these tracks is to redraw spatial divisions between you as a listener
and as a spatial participant. Through exploring abstraction, subjectivity, and harsh noise, this
box set represents a dense and visceral journal of noise notations and documents.


Printed Matter