“DSENOISE Installation”

Samuel Freeman Gallery, Culver City, CA
Dewey Ambrosino, David Galbraith, Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon, David Schafer
January 11 – February 8

Detail installation view of display table and listening station:

“Listening Station”, 2013
Wall mount, iPod nano 7th generation, headphones, headphone extension, hardware,
Dimensions variable

“DSENOISE Poster”, 2013
21” x 31”
Framed plexi-mounted DSENOISE poster.

“DSENOISE Display”, 2013
44” x 31” x 21”
Painted wood, plexiglass, DSENOISE box set

DSENOISE is a signed edition of 50, boxed set including 12 CDs, double-sided poster, insert, sticker, and packaged in a die cut hand-assembled box. This was designed in collaboration with Shiffman&Kohnke in Los Angeles. This edition is the culmination of a one-year project in which Schafer released an edition of monthly CDs for 12 months. The 64 tracks add up to 10 hours of electronic noise Schafer created live in his studio in NY and LA, and at NY and LA public venues.

Printed Matter