“Four Letters to Mahler”

Samuel Freeman Gallery, Culver City, CA
Dewey Ambrosino, David Galbraith, Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon, David Schafer
January 11 – February 8

Aluminum I-beams, rivets, hardware, amp, ipods, cables, PA speakers, fluorescent lights, text panels on film
6′ x 11′ x 7′

“Four Letters to Mahler” is a room scaled sculpture fabricated of aluminum struts that are host to an eight channel sound work. In this work, Schafer created a complex sonic work based on Schoenberg’s own language but existing more in a “Cagean” arena of voice that challenges the listener further with degrees of aural perception and intelligibility. The sound is generated from a directed, spoken word reading of the four letters in English with German accent and intonation. The tracks are processed electronically involving applications of delay and distortion that interrogate the language to its collapse. The continually shifting program generates an unstable spatial and aural experience as one navigates the sculpture.