“Untitled Expression: The Enunciation Lecture”

“The Enunciation Lecture: Sounds of Speech”

inkjet mounted on Sintra, framed
24″ x 38″

“The Enunciation Lecture: Classroom Exercises”

inkjet mounted on Sintra, framed
19″ x 14″

Installation view Contemporary Museum, Baltimore

“The Enunciation Lecture” is a sound work and sculpture that is based on a found record set titled “English Speech Instruction, A Condensed Course in the Correction of Frequent Mistakes in Enunciation”, by Professor Wallace House. This two record set is from the mid 1950’s. The records include an Introductory Lecture by Wallace and then a series of Classroom Exercises and Evaluations.

“LOL: A Decade of Antic Art”
Curated by Sue Spaid

“LOL: A Decade of Antic Art” is a survey of recent artworks which either riff off or intervene on the real. “LOL” includes works by Kendall Bruns, Kahty Chen Milstead, Chto Delat?, Patrizia Giambi, Gimhongsok, Larry Hammerness, Jonathan Horowitz, Katie Kehoe, Nina Katchadourian, Larry Krone, Jennifer Levonian, Ryan Mulligan, My Barbarian, Dan Perjovschi/Nedko Solakov, William Powhida, Rob Pruitt, David Schafer, Alysse Stepanian/Philip Mantione, Joey Versoza and the Yes Men!