“DSE Performance”

“Mildred’s Lane: Sad Pavilion”
Live Performance
Duration: 3:00 hours

“Sad Pavilion” was curated by Bret Schneider for Mildred’s Lane Artist Residency in Scranton, PA. June 2010.

Eight sound artists performed audio material simultaneously in various outdoor sites around the grounds of Mildred’s Lane. Listeners were to walk around the grounds visiting the array of sound stations, while hearing the overlapping of the divergent sounds. The performances lasted from 9pm til midnight.

David Schafer collaborated with the electronic noise duo, “MeKaniKdolls”, made up of artists Jess Ramsay and Seyhan Musaoglu. Adjacent sound stations were set up together and both Schafer and MD performed separate hour-long sets before concluding the program by playing the last hour together.

Schafer’s set was made up of pieces, including “Tough-Minded Manager”, 26-min. corporate management training record cut up and remixed, variations of “What Should a Museum Sound Like?” with synthesizer accompaniment, and “Jackhammer”, a 30-min. noise compilation of sampled jackhammers, pile-drivers and sirens.