“Reading Rooms: House of Hot Rod”


Installation view, Artnetweb office, Soho, NYC

Reading Rooms was a multi-sited, interactive project during the months of September and October 1995 NYC. The project existed in three formats: a limited edition manual; a series of sculpture/signage installations at ten public locations in downtown Manhattan; and as an internet project. Textual material was gathered from such sources as TV guides, product advertisements, song lyrics, and religious pamphlets, and was then configured within the media of the manual, the website, and the public installations.
Ten commercial, civic, retail, and government locations in NYC participated as physical locations where the sites for Reading Rooms may be seen and interacted with. The signage and environment of malls, airports, and suburbs, dictated the layout and concept of Reading Rooms. Public space and the urban environment was explored physically and virtually by the arrivals and departures of viewers.

The locations were:
Lauren Wittels Gallery, 580 Broadway, book available
Artnetweb, 426 Broome St., internet available http://www.artnetweb.com/
The NYC Public Library, Hudson Park Branch, 7th Ave and Leroy St.
Printed Matter, 77 Wooster St.
The NYC Post Office, Canal St. Branch
Lombard Freid Gallery, 470 Broome St., book available
Barnes and Nobles Bookstore, 6th Ave and 22nd St.
Thomas Nordanstaad Gallery, 289 Hudson St., book available
Cyber Café, 273 Lafayette St., internet available
Biblios Bookstore and Café, 317 Church St.,