How High is Up? Untitled - Unity The Sparrow's Fantasy Untitled Expression #11: White Untitled Expression #12: Red Untitled Expression #3-Red Untitled Expression #2 – Yellow Untitled Expression #5-Dark Blue Kenny G Trio Flyer for x10.R 1 & 2 De Indringer/The Intruder General Theory: Expo Column How High is Up? –One Half Full Scale Model Drumming: Same Old Bureaucracy Forever In Love In Forever D-Play Model Behavior 1, An Honest Day Phenomenology Study 1, Mark di Suvero Untitled Expression with Two Men In Casual Wear Untitled Expression: Magenta Richter's Masterpiece Richter Richter Untitled Expression: Driftworks (Peter Dudek Exhibition) Driftworks Richard Serra Predicta Untitled Social Networks: Orange Untitled Expression with Face: Violet Untitled Expression with Two Faces and Mime: Green Reclining Form, SUF, with Two Faces x10R.2 with Suspended Ceiling Truck Night - Image One Art Forum Anagram Cultural Corridor Poster Fartforum Untitled Expression for One Voice Two Noises Untitled Social Networks with Fifteen Faces Untitled Social Group (diptych) Untitled Rock Network: Violet Sculpture Group With Shoe and One Face Untitled Expression with Two Faces Untitled Expression: Black Donald Judd Stooge and di Suvero Sculpture with Curly Untitled Expression with Four Voices and Len Dawson Standard Room How High is Up?- 97th Floor Kenny G With Sparrow Fantasy Study Potted Ficus Grove X10R.1 and x10R.2 Standard Room I Got Lost Because of the Detour Ficus Tree with Speaker Stepped Density Number One and Two Bar Ring The Double Illusion of the Mystic Linguistic Event Progression Compression: Lighted Display On Stage Cluster 38-5 Random Stepped Density One and Two: Half Scale Stanchionwork (configuration 3) x10R.1 Progression Compression Model Craft: 1973 Ford Pinto 1/25 scale Bar Ring Cluster 38-5 Random Bar Ring: Half Full Scale X10R.1 and x10R.2 Spatial Code: DECOR-NO1 A Grammatical Study of Ethics, Economics, and Technology (1973 Ford Pinto) Bar Ring (directional study) Stepped Density (directional study) Cluster Random Behaviour Study Enterview Now Playing Andre Kostelanetz Now Playing Bert Kaempfert Untitled: Ten Functional Music Composers Superimposed Shopping Mall Texts Reissue Box Set Moog #1 Now Playing Percy Faith Cluster (Elevation and Plan) Prop: Mothermall-3/4 full scale working model House of Meat Reading Roms: Directory House of 911 Twins Big Block Daily Driver House of Unity House of Sassy Pastoral Mirage New Century Trellis Model for Wild Harmony Detour First Grade Extrusion I Not I Wood Squirrel Liberty Prop Western Agenda Untitled Object with Wall Accessory Private Property Ffreud Plinth-hero Black Debt Sore Spot Hat Rack for Reform Untitled Machine: Model Q Club Plaza of the First Reader Untitled XYZ Column Object In General The Little Narrative Accidents Will Happen Object in General Untitled Hand in Hand Spiritual Journey Buddy Little Demon Chaotic Attractor Circle X Untitled Machine: Folly UU Stand